Freedom, friendships, the moon and the sun.
I will never stop doing the things that I love.

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Last night I past out in an ally way this is why…

Glass of wine with dinner, left over summersby packing my bags, four evades getting ready to go out, jäger and red bull breaking it down to Eminem, pre-work out from Jono just to try and tequila shots at the bar….

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Can’t sleep

Might take some sleeping pills make a bowl of Muesli and hope for the best…

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photo i took of the blood moon <3
ft planet and strange green flair outline. melaniejade4:

I’m a water kind of girl. #h2o #waterwoman #wereallwater bareffaced:


Grateful Dead ✌️


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Eye contact is a dangerous, dangerous thing. But lovely. God, so lovely. (via versteur)

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love this photo so so much

Bare All: King Krule Shot By Rene Vaile